Terms Of Service

Terms of Service
Policy Regarding the Content of Sites We Handle

TheWebElves.com and our affiliate, KalaRhythms.com, are non-political entities that support free enterprise and freedom of expression in a free world. Nonetheless, there are is content we do not handle.

We do not build, edit or host sites that include: political advocacy to overthrow the government; discrimination of others based on race, creed or national origin; hate speech of any kind; or, anything that we view as negative or harmful to others. On the other hand, political analysis and reasonable free speech are usually not problematic, and, constructive social commentary intended for the betterment of humankind, rather than the defeat of an adversary for one’s own empowerment, is not likely to be controversy.

We support artistic expression but we do not handle pornographic material. Since what is considered to be art or pornography is a subjective evaluation we will add that, in our opinion, fine works of art include the nude paintings of Renoir and Monet, the nude statues of Rodin, and even the Khajuraho group of monuments in India. They do not include various photographs of explicit sex acts that are displayed for their own sake as can be found some web sites today.

We make no moral or ethical judgment by our Terms of Service, nor are we trying to set or display a public code of conduct. We support the rights of others who go beyond our limitations to express their opinions or desires within the confines of the law. Our Terms of Service merely define limitations in what we choose to accept in our work. Consequently, we reserve the right to determine any material to be outside of limitations of our Terms of Service.