Special Report: International Cyber Hacking 2015-12-14

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..:: Special Report: Wave of International Cyber Hacking ::..
A wave of Ongoing State Sponsored International Cyber Attacks Were Launched This Year
Reuters, Fortune and others announced today that Twitter issued an alert for state sponsored hacking
( http://www.reuters.com/… ). This is Twitter’s first ever warning of this kind.
Google and Facebook are also issuing warnings of state sponsored hacking.
Forbes, Fox News, ABC and others reported earlier this year that the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking a U.S. army website and various reports have been posted they hacked Bluehost, Justhost, Hostgator, Fastdomain and Hostmonster.
Primary targets of the attack are WordPress sites into which multiple brute force attacks were launched in attempts to hack into the sites and take them over.
Some non-Clients of The Web Elves were Not So Lucky
We were recently asked to rescue a hijacked professional city in a major US City after it was hacked, loaded with nefarious code and ultimately blacklisted by Google which brought the site down. When clients went to the site all they would see was a large warning that the site may contain malicious content. Although this site was not hosted or managed by The Web Elves, they had heard of us and came to us for help. We had the site cleaned of all malicious files, we uploaded and configured defensive measures and facilitated communication with the search engines to have the site re-evaluated by the search engines who then removed their block and warning messages. This was all done quickly and the site is running normally
The Good News
We are pleased to report that none of the sites hosted with The Web Elves have been breached by these attacks. We had already launched a massive research and defense project early last month to protect all clients and defense measures are already in place. Advanced security has been our most massive undertaking since our push into advanced Search Engine Optimization some years ago.
Enhanced defensive measures were put into place which include carefully researched security plugins that were installed and configured onto WordPress sites. Individual firewalls have also been installed on WordPress sites to supplement the firewalls and defenses of the parent host company.
We are monitoring activity on all WordPress sites and we have found that there have been numerous brute force attacks on site coming from Russia, the Ukraine and around the world, all unsuccessful.
We are also running routine internal scans on all WordPress sites to ensure that all defenses are holding tight.
We have invested research, installation and configuration onto your WordPress sites in order to respond this emergency because we provide more than a space, we protect the place and give you enhanced service.

Thank you for connecting with The Web Elves. If you have any questions just let us know.

David Katzmire