The Web Elves Newsletter: Premier Issue 2015-12-01

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This premier edition of The Web Elves Newsletter is coming to you because you are a client of The Web Elves for either: • Web Design & Development • Graphic Design • Search Engine Optimization • Video Recording & Editing • or our other services.
Many things happening on the web as always, both in exciting developments with expanding possibilities and in new areas that are fraught with danger. Because of that and the wish to keep you connected and informed, we have initiated this newsletter to let you know what is happening at The Web Elves, and, what we sometimes find on the web. We will send notices occasionally when we feel it is appropriate to keep you apprised of important announcements and things that you may find helpful.
This newsletter is for clients of The Web Elves only because we are a community with a common purpose, connected resources and to some extent, shared interests. This newsletter will allow us to reach you with messages we feel are beneficial.
Watch for our forthcoming newsletter on the recent wave of cyber hacking and what we have done to defend you.

Thank you for connecting with The Web Elves,

David Katzmire