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Art gallery for Bruce M. Coyle
We create animated images as per your request
Customized composite images will promote your work
as we did for
Images can be geometric figures
as we did for


World Water Rescue Foundation


We design and build original images that fit your cause
as we did for

Foundation for the Study of Cycles
Logos can be created and enhanced
as we did for

We create specialized logos just for you
as we did for

Water Not Weapons

Our images come in many forms, the example below in Java
was created for
A Cup of Java


The Web Elves & Affiliates collaborated on
animation for


Customized Charts, Graphics & Widgets
KalaRhythms - American-Cycles
KalaRhythms - Universal Pattern of Cycles
KalaRhythms - Cycles Overview


For our special client, the Elves calculated and plotted orginal graphs to
illustrate the theory posted at: Custom graphics are affordable.

And more…

Graphic Design by The Web Elves offers originality with images from scratch, and enhancement of existing images for improvement and effect. Created images can give your company a new logo for visual recognition, and, and they can help you illustrate your point. Image enhancement and processing will take ordinary photographs and place them on your web pages in a clear and effective manner. We also offer Flash animation to give your site a state-of-the-art appearance. Tell us what you want, and we will adapt.

See pricing…

Contact us and find out
what we can do for you.

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Graphic Design by
The Web Elves .com

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